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Iguanas Lose 4-3 to ACME

Updated Tuesday July 9, 2013 by Eric Thompson.

It's hard to play 90 minutes of soccer in sweltering heat and humidity. It's even harder to play 90 minutes of soccer when you finish the game in sweltering heat and humidity with nine players on the field.

Iguanas took the field against ACME at Southwest Christian High School with high hopes of getting the three points needed to vault back up the table. Thanks to some mental breakdowns, Iguanas left the field with no points and two players sent off.

The game started as an entertaining back-and-forth affair. ACME controlled the run of play for the most part and were rewarded with the first goal of the game. Iguanas started the game with zero substitutes and their fatigued midfield was slow to mark an ACME midfielder. He was able to set up for a 25 yard shot that tucked in the upper corner past Iguanas keeper Jason Radatz to give ACME a 1-0 lead.

Iguanas struck back quickly from a nice counterattack. Midfielder Mark Peterson deftly knifed through a couple ACME defenders before finding Brian Pearson, who slammed the ball home to even the score at 1.

ACME took the lead again with a run down the right flank of the Iguanas defense. Defender Eric Thompson met the cross into the box first, but his sliding clearance was met by an ACME forward and the ball ricocheted past Radatz for their second goal.

Just before halftime, Iguanas scored what was easily the goal of the match. A nice series of passing through the midfield left Josh Hanson wide open for a cross. He picked out Paul Ross who sprawled out for a perfect diving header that gave the ACME keeper no chance. The teams were even once again at the half.

ACME started the second stanza with a flurry of chances, but it was Iguanas who struck first after the break. Ross forced a turnover from ACME's back line and placed a great pass across the box to Stefan Lucyk, who calmly placed the ball in to give Iguanas their first lead.

And then it all fell apart for Iguanas in the second half. (Yes, yet again.)

The second half was notably chippy as both teams went hard at 50/50 balls to try and gain an advantage. Some rather egregious tackles by ACME were called as fouls, but not even a single yellow card was handed out to the offenders. About 15 minutes into the second half, Brian Pearson wasn't as fortunate as his opponents.

Pearson went in for a sliding tackle from a questionable angle. The referee correctly called a foul, but what came next caught everyone by surprise--Pearson was given a straight red card. Given the referee's penchant for not handing out any cards earlier in the game, suddenly going a man down infuriated Iguanas. The team was already shorthanded with substitutes on a hot day; playing the remainder of the game with ten men certainly wasn't going to bode well.

ACME took full advantage of their good fortune and quickly turned a one-goal defecit into a one-goal lead. As Iguanas scrambled to mark with one less player on the field, ACME slammed home a couple of rebounds in front of the net to go up 4-3. Hanson sealed Iguanas' fate by receiving a second yellow card for dissent. With only nine men on the field, Iguanas were unable to muster an equalizer.

Iguanas are now winless in their last six games and sit tied at the bottom of the table in their division. If they hope to make a late push for the postseason, it will have to start next week as they take on JAWA FC. Iguanas' only victory of the season came in a 5-1 rout of JAWA earlier in the year. But Iguanas shouldn't expect an easy win this time around; JAWA is playing better and has won their last two games.

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Paul Trobiani commented on July 9, 4:25pm
"I have to say, these recaps are hilarious to read."
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