Game Summary - ACME @ Iguanas FINAL

Monday, June 23, 2014 @ 9:00pm
Vadnais Heights Sports Complex, Main Field
1 2 F
ACME 1 0 1
Iguanas 1 2 3

Iguanas Give ACME Their First Blemish

ACME undefeated no longer, Iguanas win 3-1

Updated Wednesday June 25, 2014 by Eric Thompson.

After World Cup Fever hindered Iguanas' last performance both figuratively and literally, they came back to host their next game with a full, refocused roster. ACME was visiting Vadnais Sports Center with an undefeated 3-0-1 record that had them in first place in the Monday Division 2 standings.

Iguanas would make sure that ACME's reign at the top was over by the end of the night.

The game got underway with lots of action. Both teams moved the ball quickly around the field and tried to find attacking players in scoring position. After about 20 minutes ACME was able to find the net first. An Iguanas turnover in the midfield was quickly turned into an ACME counterattack. The Iguanas were caught out of position through the middle as an open ACME attacker tapped a cross past Jason Radatz for the game's first goal.

It appeared that ACME would take their lead into halftime until a scramble outside of the ACME penalty area took place just before the break. A couple players from each team went to the ground to try to secure possession and the ball ended up bouncing out to Josh Hanson, who dribbled towards the ACME net. A couple ACME defenders were upset that no foul was called on the previous play; one decided to take out his frustration on Hanson as he leveled the Iguanas midfielder in the penalty area.

Defender Eric Thompson placed the ball on the penalty spot, waited for the referee's whistle, and calmly placed the ball in the lower left corner of the net. Unfortunately for Thompson, the referee had only blown his whistle to address an ACME player that was still complaining about the call! So Thompson had to retry the kick--which he promptly put past the keeper in nearly the exact same spot as his first shot. The halftime whistle blew shortly after the equalizer.

Iguanas rode the momentum of their late first half goal and capitalized quickly with another goal after the break. Aaron Rosenthal sent a throw-in to the ACME box, which Hanson flicked over towards Emmanuel Giddings. It looked like an ACME defender would get to the ball first, but Giddings used a quick burst of speed and athleticism to get to the ball and twist a shot in the upper left corner to give Iguanas their first lead of the day.

About ten minutes later, Iguanas struck again off a set piece. Rosenthal sent an excellent free kick into the box from about 40 yards out that found Kerry Burns. Burns flicked the ball over the keeper and into the net to give the home team a 3-1 lead.

Iguanas controlled most of the remainder of the game with smart passing and disciplined marking on defense. They had a few chances to increase their lead but couldn't capitalize as they settled for a final score of 3-1.

The win vaulted Iguanas to a tie for first place in the division, albeit with two more games played than anyone else. Iguanas have already matched their 2013 win total in just half a season. They'll look to begin the second half of the season on a winning note as they take on JAWA FC next Monday. Iguanas defeated JAWA 1-0 to start the 2014 season.

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